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Also known as Instantel Recording Modes

Ground Vibration Monitoring Recording

Different types of ground vibration monitoring recording modes. Instantel’s Minimate Plus possesses five different recording modes: Single Shot, Continuous, Manual, Histogram, and Histogram Combo. Likewise, Instantel’s Blastmate III possesses these same five recording modes. Read over each ground vibration monitoring recording type to decide which mode is best for your survey. Ground Vibration Monitoring Recording […]

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Blastware Installation

Connecting an Instantel Ground Vibration Monitor to Blastware

Connecting an Instantel Ground Vibration Monitor to a Computer You rented and received Instantel’s minimate from an instrument rental company. The packing list confirms everything is there. After reading the user manual, programming the survey’s parameters was a breeze. Next, you create a couple of test events by running the monitor and tapping the geophone […]

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Also known as Ground Vibration Monitor Shipping Case

Ground Vibration Monitoring Shipping

Ground Vibration Monitoring recommends K.D. Jones Instruments Ground vibration monitoring shipping is easy. Ground vibration monitoring shipping is ideal because the unit is small and portable. It allows geologists, geophysicists, engineers, mine operators, or any other vibration monitoring investigators to order multiple units without outrageous ground vibration monitoring shipping prices. A large seismic source affects […]

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